July 24, 2024

ESPN: Some fans revolt on Malika Andrews, call for Rachel Nichols return to NBA programming

It didn’t seem like that long ago when Rachel Nichols parted ways with ESPN following controversial remarks she made regarding diversity in the industry, were taped over a phone conversation (story HERE).

Her replacement on ESPN NBA programming, Malika Andrews, was well received, and put on the fast track to be among the network’s most notable talents.

But now the internet is turning on her for controversial remarks she’s made on the air, and some are calling for a Rachel Nichols return.

Let’s look at the social media traffic.

Rachel Nichols looking at all this Malika Andrews slander: pic.twitter.com/dBGiBwjOZf

— 🧟‍♂️ (@FBBLou) September 28, 2022

We got the woman Stephen A. Smith y’all. Why bring up him getting arrested 13yrs ago? @malika_andrews 🤦‍♂️SMFH pic.twitter.com/yAfnzKuHyR

— Allball1977 (@allball1977) September 27, 2022

Wow, Malika Andrews went from being “resident darling” of ESPN” to “resident bitch” real quick. 😃

I do think she has issues with Black men, bringing up Joe Mazzulla’s legal issues from 2008 is yellow journalism. She lost credibility with me when she did that.

— blair channing rae (@iWriterGirl) September 27, 2022

When I first noticed Malika Andrews disrespect for NBA players who actually played the game. When you get Richard Jefferson heated that bad. Lol pic.twitter.com/3xpam6oo1g

— E-TRAYDE (@ETRAYDE) September 28, 2022

Malika Andrews definitely was an odd ball from the start because what 27 year old from Oakland you know dresses like Rosa Parks?

— Sport (@BeenRichSport) September 27, 2022

Malika Andrews anytime a black man has an opinion on ESPN pic.twitter.com/ivp7G95wJY

— Bronny’s Plug 🔥 (@istankobe) September 27, 2022

Rachel Nichols watching the downfall of Malika Andrews pic.twitter.com/7FQmANpP05

— Kaleigh☘️👻🎃 (@kbevanswv) September 28, 2022

Malika Andrews got that job and turned into Jason Whitlock

— 🈯️ Lions (@UncleLeek_) September 27, 2022

The absolute lust that people have for Black men being held “accountable”is based on nothing but their dislike of us and wanting to see us punished because they enjoy our suffering.

Malika Andrews is basically a divestor and only has this energy towards Black men. https://t.co/5PCaj76jQ2

— Dont say my name (@stillnez216) September 27, 2022

I know @espn see all these tweets about firing Malika andrews. They should have never released Rachel nichols over speaking the truth. Now we gotta see malika her sister her boyfriend everyday on a espn show. Look at all that workplace fraternization. Celtics 2.0

— Rickyblazejoints (@Cbarb4cut) September 28, 2022

What do you think?

Is Andrews wrong? Is the internet being too harsh? Would you really take Rachel Nichols back?

Vote in the poll below…

Would #NBA fans really accept switching back from Malika Andrews to Rachel Nichols on #ESPN programming? #FirstTake #basketball

— The Frank Torres Report (@ftrtoday) September 28, 2022

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