Trending: Jimmy Garoppolo end zone goof causes 49ers safety, Dan Orlovsky and the internet rejoice

You might be familiar with the play of former Detroit Lions quarterback turned ESPN football analyst, Dan Orlovksy, who ran out of the back of his endzone to avoid a Minnesota Vikings sack, and ended up getting a safety anyways.

Well, tonight in the San Francisco 49ers game against the Denver Broncos, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo did the same thing.

And everyone took to social media….

First, the man himself…

And now, the rest of the pack. Jimmy G found himself trending under a negative/mocking sentiment after the play. The Broncos were leading 7-5 at the time this post was published…

The original Orlovsky play..

What do you think?

Is Dan Orlovsky off of the hook?

Was Jimmy G’s play even worse?

Let me know in the comments below..

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