July 13, 2024

Movie Review: “Halloween Ends” is bad, unworthy goodbye to Jamie Lee Curtis in the story

Here is a test. Who is the first person you think of when I mention the “Halloween” movie series? There isn’t a wrong answer.

For me it’s Jamie Lee Curtis or Laurie Strode.

Michael Myers has never been interesting to me. He is simply a device to propel JLC into giving us an interesting movie.

So, for me “Halloween Ends”, the likely end of Laurie’s long history with her nemesis was more about saying good bye to Jamie Lee Curtis than it was about being scared.

And that’s a good thing because this final chapter is lousy.

Laurie is once again trying to get her life together, while the legacy of blood left behind by Myers continues to overshadow everything else she does in her life.

And anchored by one of the worst movie romances I’ve seen in recent memory, the film gives us a lot of filler until it’s ready to give us our monster. The film suffers terribly when ever JLC isn’t on screen. Everything is about as predictable as it can get, and you could almost care less about any other character in this movie except for Laurie. It’s a very unfortunate movie.

But Jamie Lee is good in it and I guess that’s what its been about for over the last four decades.

Halloween Ends is a bad movie, but these films have seldom been good anyways. If you see it as a way to say good bye to the franchise, that could possibly be enough.

Until it gets rebooted in five years anyways.

Halloween Ends
Rated: R
Running time: 1 hour and 50 minutes

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