Ghosts: Jay befriends a cult of vitamin patch users

It’s great to have Ghosts back. Isn’t it? We had our third episode of the season so far and this week, we got to meet some of Jay’s new friends who weren’t what they appeared to be.

Let’s start with those new friends Jay met while playing basketball. They were lead by Micah, and Micah was first thought to be running a scam involving vitamin patches that Jay fell instantly for. Modern day snake oil according to Sam, but Hetty actually bought snake oil back in the day and Micah sounded fine to her.

But it didn’t matter because Jay was actually being indoctrinated into a cult, which Flower instantly identified. Jay would eventually figure this out after Micah admitted he was 742 years old, but not before they planted roots in the B&B.

We also got some great side stories involving Flower’s own history in a cult, and also “Dark Pete” who felt he needed to change after being teased for being too nice and cheerful.

Well, things worked out. After first ignoring Flower, Sam eventually just said that she slept with cult leader Micah and the cult left immediately. And Sasappis got Pete feeling better about himself again. Sam also helped Flowers mend fences with her brother, who she discovered was still alive.

The best episode of the second season so far. And quick shout out to the crew for that fast follow up shot on Flower and Alberta. It served a very subtle purpose.

My favorite lines from the ep.

“I guess you could press your own snakes but you’re going to have to move some rugs.”

“I love how comfortable she feels around me.”

“This is a potential Heaven’s Gate. We could be looking at some sexy new ghosts.”

“Don’t hug the bears!”

“This woman is lying to you guys. I would never sleep with anybody but your wives.”

Great show. See you next week!

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