Abbott Elementary: The Sister Trap

Abbott Elementary was back tonight with a new episode (how did we make it through that summer?) and tonight, Gregory had to cope with Principal Ava’s “unique”approach to disciplining children, while Janine tried to implement a Parent/Sister Trap (and if you know, you know) involving Melissa.

First, Gregory had to deal with a problem student named Micah. So, he did what your teacher and mine did with problem students. He sent them to the principal’s office. Only, Micah returned with a toy and a lollipop. Gregory discovered that Ava was treating “the walk of shame” as the punishment and not actually taking any disciplinary measures.

And was that a fight or argument between Janine and Gregory? The janitor seemed to think so. Me too.

We also had Janine try to fix the rift between Melissa and her sister that we met earlier this season. Janine’s attempt at a Parent Trap (which Lisa Ann Walter was actually in) during their budget cooking class didn’t go so well.

In the end, Gregory found his own way of working with Micah, and at the very end, Melissa seemed to experience some remorse about her sister. Let’s see where that goes.

Great episode. See you next week!

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