July 24, 2024

Alaska Daily: The show can’t shake it’s preachy, interrogation room writing of its dialog

We’re back with our third outing following Eileen Fitzgerald and her team, as they headed up to the Arctic this week, to meet with another culture that could hopefully help them gain ground on their investigation into the murders of women from the area.

After the opening, we had Austin interviewing a candidate for senate, Frank Moses, who was crooked as hell. The focus then turned to a major fish kill involving Moses, which led Austin to investigate any potential conflicts.

And this show still can’t direct their actors to actually sound like reporters when talking to others, instead of coming off like cops in an interrogation room. It’s annoying.

Eileen then went to the home of one of the victims to learn more and then visited the local police chief, who was dragging his feet on the investigation. After visiting the site where the body was found, Roz gave “The Heisman” to her half brother, acknowledging she has a problem with this area to Eileen.

We returned to Austin, who was investigating his candidate while helping Jieun who was dealing with trolls on Twitter. He tried to delete her account and then recommended counseling for her work. Once again, the show struggles with realism here. Austin then had to approach his ex wife about information. We then learn he has a son and is late on child support payments because he doesn’t get paid enough.

When Roz and Eileen got the police report it was all redacted. And making these reporters look vindictive, they decided to open up other recent investigations for publication. Eileen used Derrick, the half brother, to give them access after being denied at first.

Then when asked by Roz why she went behind her back, she told her she didn’t care. Some character regression here. Eileen remains unlikable. Austin also had it out with his editor in a scene that was also difficult to watch regarding questionable endorsements. The story would ultimately get printed anyway.

Roz then went and found other cases ignored by the police chief involving abused women. The two then confronted the chief on a fishing trip who did indeed turn out to be corrupt and brandished a rifle, in front of the two. Eileen would end up taping the entire conversation and the story would fly.

In closing, Roz told Eileen to get her act together in an unrewarding scene. The Moses campaign would lose in another unrewarding payoff.

“Alaska Daily” isn’t getting any better. And that’s a shame because it’s trying to do something different and good. But very little of it is working right now.

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