June 23, 2024

Ghosts: Planting a tree in the “Friend Zone” and romancing a Flower

We’re back this week with another episode of “Ghosts”, and this time the concern was about an old tree with sentimental value to the group which was at risk of being torn down. There was also acknowledgement of climate change throughout the episode.

Then we had a romantic sub-plot involving Thor and Flower. And Ian (who we all know understands what he’s talking about) giving advice to Thor which included. It didn’t go very well because he didn’t really know about the environment, which Flower was passionate about.

It was time to meet the neighbors, June and Allie, the biggest organic farmers in the area (yes, that is Punkie Johnson from SNL). Despite some ace coaching of local history from Sass, the couple’s Arborist, Ted, said the tree needed to come down.

The Ghosts suggested writing an Op-Ed to get public support on her side (like Hamilton). But Jay, had to climb the tree and strike until it got published. It appeared to be working.

But Sass wasn’t telling the truth. Instead the tree had true value to only him. And a historian showed up to prove Sam wrong at the protest. This made for some really hard to watch, train wreck TV. Not quite “Scott’s Tots” but rough. After the truth was discovered the protesters came to the mansion.

Meanwhile, Thor really did start caring about the environment. And the viking decided to rage on everyone who didn’t take it seriously enough. It was ultimately Flower that calmed him down and told him to try inspiring people instead. He was going to try and figure it out.

And the tree was taken down. But the group got to plant another tree “in the friend zone”.

There were a lot of bummer angles this week, but it’s still great TV. I enjoyed it.

Oh, and Thor decided to destroy the environment right before the credits came down. But Flower admitted she probably won’t remember any of this.

Some memorable quotes..

“Once. I took acid to save the snow leopards”

“Can you start saying that? Because I say smart things but people can’t get past the fact I’m not wearing pants.”

“We did get really into coal.”

See you next week!

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