Movie Review: “Raymond and Ray” gives us McGregor and Hawke simply doing what they do well

Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke are two actors that will always have a place on my TV screen. And while each of them have recently indulged in CGI heavy franchises that don’t necessarily highlight their acting, its good to just see them work in a room without a star destroyer hovering in the background.

“Raymond and Ray”, the story of two brothers from different mothers coping with the death of their difficult father, is a treat for viewers that just want to see the duo “chop it up” over a good script.

Raymond (McGregor) is the reserved one. Ray (Hawke) is rougher around the edges. And the chemistry between the two as they negotiate this obstacle course of emotion set up by their late father is excellent. The humor is strong. The emotion is good. If you’re a fan of acting, you’ll like the movie.

But if you’re looking for blockbuster excitement, keep it moving. This isn’t Obi-Wan. This isn’t Moon Knight. This is two top tier actors performing in a dialog driven movie. It’s essentially a play. Director and writer, Rodrigo Garcia had a vision and carried it out. Take a good look at the trailer and know what to expect.

If you understand that this is two acting veterans doing strong work, “Raymond and Ray” should sit just fine with you.

“Raymond and Ray”
Running time: 1 Hour and 45 Minutes

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