East New York: Door Dash Bomber leads an overstuffed episode

We’re back again this week with a new episode of East New York, kicking off with a cold that got us started by meeting Regina (Gayle’s) mom who, wants to know why she doesn’t have grand kids yet. We also learn that Regina doesn’t get along with her dad.

And we also got a mobile food app order, from a hostage asking for help. Excellent open.

Next, we got an angle with Andre living in the suburbs and struggling to follow his calling (Parents were all over the place in the first five minutes of this show). He ended up getting pulled over in his parent’s car and taken in.

Now, the crooked cop thing is so easy. Didn’t care for this angle. Sandeford tried to get Andre out like Uncle Phil but had no luck, but then told him to eat it to save his career.

Back to the Door Dash hostage, we got Quinlan going undercover as a delivery driver to see what was going on. Regina thought the place could be wired with a bomb. They discovered the resident, Isaiah, knows how to work with explosives and was going through a bad divorce.

They decided to evacuate the area and discovered the hostage was actually the divorce attorney going after Isaiah. Then the SWAT team came in.

The ex decided it was a good idea to call Isaiah. He called her a *checks notes* “dumb cow” (prime time network television guys) and discovered that the walls were closing in and threatened to blow up the house. Regina wanted to talk to him but Chief Suarez said no. She finally had her chance but things appeared to get worse.

We had another angle involving the church and community policing. Then Andre snapped on a reporter. The main story line was strong enough here. They should have saved these for another time.

It was sniper time according to the overreaching negotiator despite Regina’s objections. Regina then talked Isaiah away from the window and finally got him out by talking about his daughters.

His weapon had no ammunition.

Then the Sandeford served up Andre’s corrupt officer up for him after he was caught drinking and driving. And the priest ended up being Suarez’s brother. Once again, these weren’t really needed.

To end the ep, Regina confronted her father, who has history with the seven-four. It all ended amicably though.

Strong show. Maybe a little too much going on. But I was never bored. And not being bored is the battle.

See you next week!

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