July 13, 2024

“The Fastest Woman on Earth” is a superbly done and unflinchingly real documentary

Going in to see “The Fastest Woman on Earth” I knew nothing about Jessi Combs, a professional driver and television host who holds the women’s record for fastest land speed recorded. I supposed that made me the perfect subject to learn about her story and record my emotions while watching it.

We get to follow Combs from her early years, through her TV work on shows such as “Myth Busters”, as well as her fearless pursuit of wanting to break records and inspire others.

It’s extremely well done.

Directors Christopher Otwell and Graham Suorsa put us in the car with Combs as she’s reaching these incredible speeds. All of the archive footage serves a purpose and its very well paced. We even get a look at Kitty O’Neil, who held previously held the record and the challenges that she also faced. I was fully interested the entire way to see how her story developed.

Unfortunately, this is a documentary. There isn’t a Hollywood ending here. This is real life. And in that regard, this documentary holds nothing back. You see almost everything. And that makes the final stretch a very heavy lift emotionally.

It’s not an easy watch. But it’s a triumphant one. “The Fastest Woman on Earth” is a story that needs to be told, and we’re fortunate that its being told in a way that lets us see the experience the way Combs did, and inspires us in the process.

“The Fastest Woman on Earth”

GRADE: I will just offer a respectful recommendation to see this documentary

Rated: NA

Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

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