June 23, 2024

The Real Love Boat: These ladies can’t trust these guys anymore

Welcome back to The Real Love Boat, and our newest television guilty pleasure rolled up to Rome this week as our singles continued their quest (?) to find true love. And the men had the elimination power this week as they decide who they’re falling for and who needs to get ditched in Italy.

We start out with Dean and Nicole, and the former wants the latter to show him her personality so they can worship each other. And Kendra had concerns that Jordan, the notorious player, would jump to another woman if possible. Daniel and Shea-Lynn seemed very committed to each other. Alisa and Nathan needed a lot of work. And finally, we have Emily and Marty, who already seem like they’re ready to get hitched. Marty is out here crying and everything, but doesn’t know Emily is a virgin.

It was challenge time. And that means its Jerry and Rebecca time. The best time.

For the challenge, everyone had to put on blindfolds. Then they brought in the two new women.

And along came Mila, a 30 year old yacht broker who says she looks like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman). There was also Sara, a 27 year old travel agent, who describes herself as a “firecracker”.

The ladies then ran their hands all over the men’s bodies and smelled their body odor. Whoever got the most top votes won the challenge. Marty was uncomfortable. And that was warranted because Emily thought Dean was him.

And Marty ended up winning that “ish”. And he got the captain’s table dinner (no suite this week). It was then when Emily decided to bring up her virginity to make sure it wasn’t a deal breaker. It wasn’t, and these two sweethearts didn’t flinch the entire way.

Mila had an eye for Nathan and Jordan. While they seemed awkward, Nathan and Mila did talk for a bit and then he made this really weird joke with Alisa, opening a rift there. Dean and Sara manage to hit it off.

Then Jordan and Mila began to talk, which put Kendra on the alert. Then Kendra went in for a very Bachelor-like steal to break up the momentum.

The crew then sent Dean and Sara out on a date in Rome to see if there was anything there. Jordan and Mila also got an outing. This obviously put Kendra and Nicole on alert and their worries were valid because Sara and Dean kissed and Mila and Jordan also had a good time.

Back on the boat, there was a tango date with Daniel and Shea-Lynn who appeared to be the second most solid couple on the show.

During the group times, Kendra and Mila had a conflict over how much freedom Jordan The Player was allowed. And Sara admitted she kissed Dean right in front of Nicole. Then the guys had a moment with Nate bringing up the fact he could go for Mila, which put Jordan on the alert.

Finally, it was time for the “Sail Away Ceremony”…

Marty picked Emily of course.
Dean picked Sara, his second heel pick after the premiere where he picked Nicole because her dress was sexier. He went for physicality again this time.
Daniel picked Shea.
Jordan picked Kendra, despite Mila’s charms.
And after a commercial break, Nate picked… Alisa. Good drama there.

This left Nicole and Mila behind in Rome.

Great episode. Sad to see Nicole go home. She was a favorite of mine. And I thought Mila was a shoo-in.

Next week, we’re heading to Naples. I’ll see you then!

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