SNL: Fans aren’t happy that Amy Schumer is hosting again

At this point, you can say Amy Schumer is like Thanos. Whether you enjoy her work or not, she’s inevitable.

And the latest proof is that she has been invited to host Saturday Night Live again next week with musical guest, Steve Lacy.

Fans weren’t happy when the announcement was made on social media. Many of the common complaints made by Schumer critics is that she’s constantly being forced on new audiences and that she has a history of stealing jokes. Schumer has disputed that claim.

Her career certainly isn’t slowing down. A new season of Inside Amy Schumer is out. She recently had Life and Beth out on streaming. And she hosted the Academy Awards earlier this year.

But fans would still prefer to watch someone else based on their reactions.

Schumer’s past work on SNL has been mixed. She did a “Handmaid’s Tale” sketch that was okay but the rest was forgettable.

This weekend, Jack Harlow is up, and while mostly unknown to a lot of viewers, his previews have looked promising.

As always, you can find a review for SNL here on Sunday mid morning.

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