Mighty Ducks Game Changers: The opposite of whatever a love triangle is

And we’re back with more Mighty Ducks, fresh off of the draft which reunited our favorite group of hockey underdogs, minus Evan, who asked his mom not to draft him. He started off the episode leaving his friends to eat with his “Dominate” team.

But we met two new ducks named Fries and Gertie, and they both made me laugh. So, that’s cool. And we already know Chase, who asked his dad to not draft him as well.

We then got a training montage with the Ducks having fun and Dominate roiding out in the gym. “Ride it like you stole it!” shouted Coach Cole on his team exercise bike drill.

It was also Nick’s birthday and he wanted Evan at his party despite the Dominate schedule. Predictably, Coach Cole crushed those plans when Franklin failed his challenge at practice and got the team a Saturday night practice as punishment.

Alex then invited Chase to Nick’s party. And yes, Alex, Phil Collins is still cool. He always will be.

Then Evan asked his mom to get him out of the Dominate practice and Alex tried but ended up accusing Coach Cole of not wanting to be alone. Which led Coach to reveal that he lost his wife a decade ago. But Evan still had to practice.

But Ian showed up to the party. That was something.

Back at the Dominate practice, Evan finally took a stand against Coach Cole but got benched in the first game in the process.

Evan got to the party in time to watch a squirrel eat the birthday cake. Nick ultimately forgave Evan because he’s the nicest character on television.

The Ducks then headed to the EPIC kitchen, where Alex caught Coach Cole eating all of the ice cream, duplicating one of his wildest recent memories. Alex traded access for secrecy and Nick’s birthday was saved.

Not a bad episode of Game Changers, but nowhere near the best. I’m ready for the EPIC tournament to begin.

See you next week!

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