“Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” continue franchise’s track record of animation excellence

The real ones know that Star Wars animation is nothing to stare down your nose at. If we’re being completely real, you could make the argument that much of the animation put forth in recent years has been better than the live action stuff (except for you Mandalorian).

And so we have Tales of the Jedi, released this week on Disney Plus.

The show follows a lot of characters you’re already going to be familiar with such as Count Dooku, played in the prequels by the irreplaceable Christopher Lee, and who steals the show in many of these chapters. Each episode is about 10-15 minutes long, but manages to do a lot in that brief time. Of course, all of the animation is pristine.

But, can TOTJ win over the live action audience?

Its always an issue I have with adult TV viewers that instantly dismiss animation. They’d rather watch a bad movie with real actors and pitch films like “Up” and “Wall-E” in the trash. This could be a problem here.

But if you can embrace the medium, you’re going to be in for a treat. These are terrific stories that are worthy of your time. It’s certainly better than a lot of the “Book of Boba Fett” and what we’ve seen from “Andor” so far.

If you want a return to top flight, action filled, and meaningful Star Wars action, give these stories a try.

Goodness, I wish Christopher Lee would have been here for these.

Tales of the Jedi
Grade: A-
Rated: PG
Running Time: Six episodes 13-19 minutes each (including lengthy credits).

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