Andor: We get to see what Star Wars prison is like

The slog continues. At least here at episode 8 of “Andor” where Cassian has just been apprehended on a resort planet, and sentenced to years for a crime that made no sense. He kicked off the episode getting transported to another planet.

Then we had Karn getting interrogated by Meero, who wanted to know why he was so determined to get Andor. Meero would take her intel up the chain of command in an effort to locate the leadership behind the growing rebellion and the location of our title character.

Little did they know, they already had him.

We then got to Narkina 5 which appeared to be some kind of factory facility which was eerily similar to the floating prison from “Face Off” complete with special boots.

But we also got a rundown of the factory set-up consisting of inmates having to assemble equipment or be disciplined. This was a neat scene.

We then got more Mon Mothma at her lavish parties. She’s been underused so far and her scenes also went nowhere this time around.

Someone who did go somewhere was Bix, who was all of the sudden on the run after the Empire found her. She would be captured by Meero and interrogated.

The “Narkina 5” episode did give us the return of Forrest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera who was running buddies with Luthen. Watching two vets like Whitaker and Stellan Skarsgard was pretty cool. But their dialog did little to make us feel like anything serious was happening.

To end the episode we got Cassian back in prison where he seemed both unfocused on his jail task, and completely lost with what was happening on the outside.

This was a filler episode. Nothing big happened with the plot.

“The Beautiful Bore” continues. I wonder where we’re going here. Its gorgeous Sunday drive of sets and costumes that is still so dull.

But we’re going to do it again anyways.

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