Ghosts: Halloween seance gives us some good laughs

Lets be real. A Halloween episode of “Ghosts” has been what we’ve been waiting for since we discovered we liked the show, and that’s what we got this week with our favorite mansion of spirits throwing a party.

..After Jay got snubbed by a Liam Neeson bash during the cold open.

And the party got off to a rough start with a very low turnout of just a couple of awkward acquaintances (quick shoutout to “The Stepbrothers” costume worn by Jay and Samantha).

So, they decided to throw a seance.

And while the plane of the living remained complete dull and guests evacuate, the ghosts saw all heaven break out and a portal open up in the dining room.

Then out came Molly, the maid who was sleeping with Hetty’s husband. While the ghosts (mostly Trevor) pondered her staying, she wanted to return to where “everything is perfect all of the time”.

The group then realized they needed a feather duster from Liam Neeson’s party.

Before sending Molly back, the group wanted her to make amends with Hetty.. by locking them both in a safe where ghosts can’t walk through the walls. The problem is that Sam got stuck in the safe. Where humans can’t breathe.

Jay was able to get the feather duster back by once again angering his neighbors, while Sam was able to mend fences between Hetty and Molly by pointing out how bad Elias, Hetty’s husband, was to everyone.

The best sequence of the show was all of the ghosts trying to tell Jay that Sam was in the vault. This tied nicely into a substory of Issac being insecure of being stinky when people walk through him. His “superpower” ended up saving the day.

Cool episode. Here are some of the best lines.

“I’ve seen in relationships with more people than this party.” Flower

“How did that floosie get to heaven and not me?”

‘I hope he didn’t give you syphilis.” “No, I gave him syphilis.”
Hetty and Molly

And a quick shout out to the Ghosts social media team, for a neat ghost mirror Twitter event that played off of one of the exact scenes we got tonight. Great stuff.

See you next week!

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