June 23, 2024

Fire Country: This week it was just “Country”

No fire on Fire Country this week. I’ll explain in a minute.

We kicked off “Con Air” in a forest fire, with Vince confronting Jake about breaking Riley’s heart before her death, with a boxing match. But Vince never hit him. Which is a letdown because we want to say Jake get hit in the face for the way he’s behaved.

And as for the cons, they got to work with the woman cons to eliminate a dangerous insect. We got a quick drop in with Bode, who was reflecting on his relationship with parents.

Back at the station, Sharon revealed to Vince that she was trying to get in on a clinical trial that could save her life. We also got some advancement on Eve’s relationship with the Aydan, as well as a quick look in on Top Gun Fire Camp which I’m not enjoying.

Then we had a dog-gone sky bridge collapse inside of a building where a wedding was taking place. Cal Fire did what any firefighting organization would do. Send in the Cons.

And both teams of cons began moving equipment. Because of course they did.

Then came the whack, hysterical bride. This lady decided that after a heart to heart with Eve, she wanted to jump on top of the wreckage putting the entire team in danger and trapping Vince. An actual Bride-Zilla destroying buildings here.

Meanwhile Bode approached a corporate lawyer on the woman con team to help Freddy, his wrongfully convicted friend. There was actually some chemistry there and I like those two together. More of that.

Next, Bode became a crane mechanic to help his estranged father and got the vehicle to work. This would of course end up saving everyone. CBS Television y’all.

In the wrap up, Eve got a kiss for saving Aydan’s life. Gabriella got in an argument with her dad over getting hazed and called Bode. Finally, we had a nice scene between Vince and Sharon going, but Sharon collapsed because of her terminal sickness.

It wasn’t a boring episode. “Fire Country” continues merging the absurd with the entertaining. You’ll notice there was no fire this week. This is probably a budgetary move in addition to simply mixing up the story.

Good times. See you next week!

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