Andor: More “Shawshank Star Wars” filler

And we’re back this week with another episode of “Andor”, and lets not waste anytime.

We began with Meero interrogating Bix to try and find our title character, and discover his part in the conspiracy to rebel against the Empire. Denise Gough may be the biggest menace on this show. Great acting. They ended up torturing Bix with the sounds of animals dying, which I assume is similar to what you might find on the Top 40 pop charts on the radio these days.

Meanwhile, we’re back in Star Wars prison with Andor and he’s getting along quite well with the team. But he was also working on an escape and trying to win over prisoners on the idea. And haste was needed, a whole level of prisoners got fried and they were worried they would be next.

Next, we caught up with Mon Mothma (who has been so underused here) who was addressing the Senate with poor results, and catching word that her “cousin” was in town. Shortly after, she was approached about reaching out to a space gangster for money which gave her a tough decision to make.

Then we had Karn, who feels like he’s been eating space cereal for the last month.

But then he approaches Meero, and he either confessed his love or tried to join her team, maybe both, but the bravery that proposal took is legendary.

This week’s episode ended with the death of Ulaf, the elderly, short timed inmate on Cassian’s team. They then discovered that no prisoners were being released from the facility anymore. The news got Kino on our side and set up next week’s episode for what is hopefully an exciting prison break.

Andor did nothing for us this week. This was all filler, no thriller. The beautiful bore continues. Producers of these shows may rediscover that less is more. This program continues to be underwhelming.

But I’ll see you next week, hopefully with a better review.

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