Andor began with a literal cliffhanger this week, with our fugitives hanging off of a rock, following that thrilling escape from prison last week. And for a couple of characters who were wrongfully imprisoned, stealing a ship right after getting out of jail seemed relatively counterintuitive. Well, they got capturedContinue Reading

And we’re back this week with another episode of “Andor”, and lets not waste anytime. We began with Meero interrogating Bix to try and find our title character, and discover his part in the conspiracy to rebel against the Empire. Denise Gough may be the biggest menace on this show.Continue Reading

We’re halfway through the first season of Andor, fresh off of what was a payoff for patience, with the Aldhani heist that delivered an exciting action sequence and a gorgeous space chase. They returned to it’s snail paced roots this week. The Empire got us started by announcing that theyContinue Reading