Andor: The “Beautiful Bore” no more

Andor began with a literal cliffhanger this week, with our fugitives hanging off of a rock, following that thrilling escape from prison last week.

And for a couple of characters who were wrongfully imprisoned, stealing a ship right after getting out of jail seemed relatively counterintuitive. Well, they got captured anyways but were promptly let go after a…misunderstanding. This was a gorgeous looking scene, from the sand to the webbing. Just nice.

Meanwhile, Meera, who at this point may be the most interesting character on the show, wanted to set a trap for the rebels at a funeral of the mother, Marva. All of this was going on while they continued torturing Bix to learn Andor’s whereabouts.

We then had Luthen planning an attack with Saw Gerrera, but with some sacrifices discussed, we also had concerns over betrayal.

After that tense meeting, Luthen was captured by the Empire. How a Star Destroyer sneaks up on someone, I don’t know.

I did feel some suspense here though and the following space sequence was just about perfect. Good spy television.

Then some good TV drama as Andor found out about his mother. The scene was beautiful scored and shot. A lot of things in this episode were. Great work by Benjamin Caron.

Alas, I might have to stop calling Andor the “Beautiful Bore”. Two great episodes of television back to back. The show feels like it’s finally found its stride.

I’ll see all of you next week.

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