Andor: “Take it up with the Emperor”

We’re halfway through the first season of Andor, fresh off of what was a payoff for patience, with the Aldhani heist that delivered an exciting action sequence and a gorgeous space chase.

They returned to it’s snail paced roots this week.

The Empire got us started by announcing that they would be cracking down on enforcement following their embarrassing robbery, and Mon Mothma wasn’t happy with Luthen’s antics either. But he wasn’t deterred, declaring that the rules would be going away with the public suffering expected from the imperial response.

Meanwhile, Syril Karn, was getting an orientation into his new department. “Fuel purity”. Karn’s story foretells of a man on the brink, but how much further until he snaps? He could also just be a wimp.

Finally, Cassian went home and tried to get everyone to leave all of the drama behind, while paying off anything he felt like he owed. But his activities had unintended consequences spreading hope and patriotism among those close to him. Credit to Fiona Shaw for a wonderfully acted scene here.

After some more imperial politics, we were transported to Niamos, which was a bizarre transition to something that felt like a reality TV beach show. Very out of place. But Andor appeared to be living well on some resort under a new name.

But he still managed to get arrested. And got sentenced to six years thanks to new Imperial sentencing minimums. The show closed on Karn in his new gig.

It was a pretty boring outing.

I struggle with the formula for Andor because it is supposed to be a change up from the track meet that was Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And as promised, it is a gorgeous show with a spy thriller burn.

Just not always a satisfying watch. But, we’re too deep to quit now. See you next week.

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