July 24, 2024

Netflix: Show exclusions on $6.99 tier isn’t fair to subscribers

Netflix has had a rough year. The streaming giant has been going through some tough times because it hasn’t been able to justify its value to subscribers with such high prices.

So, it has implemented a lower priced tier for $6.99 with ads. Ok. Fair enough.

But Netflix has also decided to exclude some shows from that lower priced tier such as Cobra Kai and The Crown.

You know. The shows we actually want to see.

This is garbage.

In pretending to learn the error in their ways, Netflix has instead pulled a bait and switch. We thought they were coming to their senses and offering a fair value.

The exposure to their advertisers in exchange for a lower price was supposed to be that value. Instead, they’re pulling products on the lower tier. That’s not fair.

When you go to a movie theater and pay the price of admission, all of the movies cost the same. Yes, there is 3D and luxury theaters, but those are premiums. Extras. That’s what you’re paying for.

This isn’t what Netflix is doing. If I’m on the $6.99 tier, I should be able to watch what all of my other Netflix subscribers are watching.

This was originally supposed to be a post praising Netflix for offering a reachable price. Almost every other streamer does so and often with better content.

Instead, we get this nonsense.

There are so many choices and so much programming out there, that its almost impossible to see it all.

In what could have been a step in the right direction, Netflix has instead taken a small step backwards and this is going to tick off a lot of people.

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