The Real Love Boat: “If you’re only as loyal as your options, then you’re not loyal at all”

A bitter sweet Real Love Boat this week. It’s been cancelled and is finishing it’s run on Paramount Plus (more on the HERE). That means if you’re reading this, you’re one of the “real ones” who actually enjoy the show.

And we’re in Naples, where thankfully the women are back in power after the men (mostly Dean), have decided to make shallow choices and lose two great ladies in the process.

We began with the challenge and Jerry and Rebecca (who I’ve enjoyed and it made me sad to see them after the somber news) were they’re cheery selves as they explained that the couples would be preparing pizza in the pizza capital of the world. They would have to buy ingredients, make the pie, and serve it to the judges, to determine a winner.

And they threw in a $10K bonus. Wow.

Dean and Sarah got in an argument over ingredients. Nate opened up to Alisa. Dan and Shea-Lynn, Jordan and Kendra, as well as Emily and Marty were also doing well. They each took turns telling the story of their pizza and relationships to the judges.

Maybe it was the language barrier. The judges sounded cranky. But they picked Marty and Emily, who won their second straight challenge in the row.

Note: The Paramount Plus feed had audio fading in and out during the beginning of the cocktail party. What’s up with that?

Then the FNGs showed up. Dustin, a 35 year old Spanish translator, and Ediri, a 34 year old campaign coordinator, mingled into the party. Dustin gave a drink to Alisa and Ediri approached Shea-Lynn. Nathan went in for the Bachelor steal to end the segment and try to salvage things with Alisa.

Meanwhile, Marty had to learn what Emily was comfortable with as she continued saving herself for love. This lead to some uncomfortableness.

Then Nathan said he could see himself going to the end with Alisa, but he’s also on the chopping block, leading Alisa to question his intentions.

Next we had Ezra and Matt setting up some dates, and they placed Shea Lynn and Ediri on a wine tasting date because they’re both “older” (34 and 29? Jeez). They had a decent time. Sarah and Nathan went on a cocktail date and actually talked about strategy. Alisa and Dustin went out and also had a connection.

It was time for the kickback with the guys and girls in different rooms and Dustin, admitted that he went out with Alisa alerting Nate he was indeed in trouble. Shea Lynn said Ediri was a copy of what she’s gone out with in the past.

It was finally time for the Sail Away Ceremony..

Emily chose Marty, of course.
Kendra chose Jordan, also for a third week.

Then it was time for Shea Lynn to pick, and both Daniel and Ediri jumped in for some last minute remarks which threw the ceremony into over drive. But Shea Lynn stuck with Daniel.

And Alisa picked Dustin, casting aside Nate.

But Sarah would end up saving Nate. Wow.

This sent a well meaning Ediri back to the dock just hours after joining the show, and it also sent home Dean, who was a jerk during both of his picks.

Drama. Great episode. CBS, you guys are messing up.

FTR will cover this show for the remainder of its run including next week.

See you then.

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