The Mighty Ducks Game Changers: They brought back the knuckle puck

We’re back with another episode of Mighty Ducks Game Changers, and we began with Evan having to deal with the rift formed with the Ducks as he continues playing for team Dominate.

So he challenged for captain on Dominate. This, while the Ducks also contemplated who should lead them.

Then Alex got a text from her mystery NHL contact and had to take the team on a secret trip. After she tricked Marnie, the team hit the road. And they went to see the Anaheim Ducks. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t get any face time with the coach. And Chase unfortunately had to relive a failure at the Honda Center where the NHL team plays.

Back at Dominate, Evan managed to push the captain vote against Lawrence to a stalemate. This lead to an ice bath stamina challenge. And Evan actually won.

And Coach Cole discovered that the Ducks snuck away from the EPIC camp.

Back at the Honda Center, we got a great look back at the D2 Junior Worlds team, including the infamous “knuckle puck” and that was enough to inspire Alex to get the team on the ice.

They also picked Chase for captain. This means both of the coach’s kids would be captains against their parents. And they got to practice with the real Anaheim Ducks.

Coach Cole was so happy to see his son excited in the game..That he kissed Alex when she got back that night. Wow.

What an ending. I knew that path potentially existed but I thought they had passed it up.

Excellent episode. See you next week.

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