The Real Love Boat: “I would love to jump your bones right now”

We’re back on The Real Love Boat after an election night delay, and this week picks up right where the last one left us, with the couples drinking right after the last sail away ceremony, with Nate now with Sarah and Dustin now with Alisa.

And on the Greek Island of Crete with the guys in power, we got right into the challenge, overseen by our favorite couple, Jerry and Rebecca complete with sun umbrellas.

Our couples had to kayak to bouys, get a bag, and assemble a puzzle that resembled a pot. First couple done. Wins.

And Sarah (an open water scuba diver) flipped the kayak.

Daniel and Shea Lynn made it a race with Jordan and Kendra. But Dustin and Alisa had the puzzle pieces first.

But Daniel and Shea Lynn would ultimately be the winners and would be at the Captain’s Table with Paolo.

It was cocktail party time with Ezra, and it was time to bring in the new women. With Tyler (an Army vet. Hooah) and Sydney, a 24 year old graphic designer who has only dated guys from the midwest.

And to make things interesting, Jerry and Rebecca exiled the ladies to their suites, leaving the guys alone with the new girls. Sydney and Dustin started talking, as did Nathan and Tyler.

Back at the suite, Sarah clashed with Alisa over Nathan in some spicy TV. And at the Captain’s Table Shea Lynn and Daniel got closer heading into the suite. Despite the ridiculous light and water show, they looked terrific together.

It was time for the dates and the crew decided to pair Nathan and Tyler together, despite the fact that Alisa wanted back with Nate and Dustin still wanted Alisa. So, they decided to pair Dustin with Sarah.

Did you get all that?

On their dates, Sarah and Dustin got to talking, and Nathan and Tyler got to dancing…Awkwardly. But they hit it off and kissed. Jordan and Sydney went on a date, and the “player” had some things to think about with his emotions already invested in Kendra.

When Tyler opened up to the girls about Nathan, Alisa went into panic mode. She actually crashed the guys party. And it disappointed Dustin. Alisa apologized to Nathan but we weren’t sure how strong their connection was.

Finally, it was time for the sail away ceremony.

Daniel picked Shea Lynn (of course).
Jordan stayed loyal and picked Kendra.
Marty picked Emily (Where the heck were these two this week? I forgot they were there).
Dustin picked Sydney.
Then it was time for Nathan… And he picked Tyler.

This meant that Sarah and Alisa (a day one guest) got sent home.

I was sad to see Sarah go. She’s a great girl. And Alisa too, but she took Nate for granted. You have to know what you want. At least her final words were meaningful.

No pesky elections next week. I’ll see you then when we head to Istanbul!

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