July 24, 2024

“I am Vanessa Guillen” is a painful but necessary documentary

The Vanessa Guillen case hits hard for a lot of soldiers. It does for me. This is because this young soldier reminded me of so many others that I served with. And that fighting spirit in her to serve can be seen in everyone that wants to make a difference.

In 2020, Guillen disappeared and was later found dead, and the lack of answers we were getting behind the solid wall of the United States Military was frustrating. The documentary “I Am Vanessa Guillen” breaks down the story and provides insight to the work being done behind the scenes to find justice for this soldier whose life ended in tragedy, and far too soon.

The documentary is well done and you should watch it. That’s all you’ll get as far as a review from me.

And I can tell you that sexual harassment and the problems experienced by women in the military is real. It happened before I served. It happened while I serve. And it’s still happening today. Its unfortunate that congress only recently started attacking this problem. This is on the list of many other problems that we need to address when it comes to veterans affairs.

Is “I am Vanessa Gullen” anti-Army?

The answer is no. Everything is handled within the spectrum of Guillen, Fort Hood where the tragedy occured, and Washington. There are no cheap shots or broad attacks delivered.

But you’ll still hurt when you watch this documentary.

The documentary had to made. If it raises awareness and prevents anything like what happened to Vanessa Guillen from ever happening again, then it will have succeeded.

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