July 24, 2024

Young Rock: “From Pepper to Pibb”

We’re back on Young Rock, where a coffee crisis has brought the nation to its knees, and Dwayne Johnson has been asked to save the day diplomatically.

And he promptly told the President “no”.

After cancelling a golf date with his mom, Dewey used the dispute to launch into a story about his parents trying to find success in the 80s.

Real fast, listening to DJ and Randall Park talk about Metroid was a fun moment for me.

Back to the story, we had to listen to Rocky get released by the WWF. And if you’re a modern day fan, this is always bad news. Watching Rocky get cut was a unique kind of sad moment in this environment. And it didn’t get better as he had to sell his stuff and try to change his persona.

Rocky ended up having to go back to work at PPW with Lars Anderson, who was taking too many liberties with the booking. The family ended up cutting ties with the business. Great acting at the dinner table here.

Watching Dewey buy back Rocky’s glasses was also a special moment.

The show ended, with DJ deciding to help out the president, in another fun moment with Park over some “lap melon”.

Great episode. Joseph Lee Anderson, Stacey Leilua, and Ana Tuisla are good every week, but they pitched a combined perfect game here.

See you next week!

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