June 23, 2024

Tulsa King: A gangster walks into the DMV

After half a century, Sylvester Stallone is still underrated as an actor. That’s what many of us may be thinking after watching the new episode of Tulsa King this week.

But first, we got to see Dwight continue to navigate a world that has left him behind. Cash is no longer “King”. And we seldom use real cups to drink coffee. Its still fun watching Stallone in these scenes as he challenges how we’ve moved along as a society.

It was great watching him walk into a DMV, strongarm a kid for his driving test answers, and bribe the clerk for preferential treatment.

We also learned that the ATF agent that he hooked up with last week was in therapy and ended up revealing who she was to Dwight. Nothing wrong with this. There are plenty of shows that have used a double angle for lovers. We didn’t need another one.

There is real danger here. Mostly, that members of the family in New York still want him dead, and there is a local guy who actually knows who he is, and believes he’s there to kill him.

The episode wasn’t perfect. Dwight stoned out of his mind in the back of the Aviator was a filler scene. We really didn’t need it to be that long. But it did build on the relationship with Tyson and Bodhi which can be exploited as weakness in the story, so it still served a purpose.

Let’s talk about that final scene.

Watching Dwight get turned away on the phone by his daughter after working so hard to get her information was a tough watch. But Stallone played it beautifully. Also, hearing him confess in the Tulsa “Center of the Universe” was also good TV. Maybe Emmy worthy.

Enjoying this journey so far.

See you next time!

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