June 23, 2024

The Real Love Boat: Our Champagne Love Tower of Doom

It’s time once again for The Real Love Boat, and as our journey floats towards a close, the show is hitting its dramatic high points, as our couples stopped in Kotor in Montenegro. We began with Emily after that “Marty meltdown” that dominated our last show.

So what’s Emily going to do? Have brunch with Mike. Who was waiting to sweep her off her feet. His words.

We then reached our challenge with the wonderful Jerry and Rebecca, but before, Marty went to Emily to apologize…

..And this dude wanted an apology back. I started smiling here because it was both unbelievable and just ridiculous.

Before the challenge started, the new couples got to pick their partners. Dillon picked Sydney. Bri picked Daniel. Mike picked Emily. And Suzanna, broke the trend of picking prior dates by selecting Jordan, plunging one of our longest tenured couples into danger. Jordan has been with Kendra since near the beginning of the season.

For the actual task, the couples had to build their own champagne tower of stemware. Their “Love Tower” needed to reach five levels and had to be done in the style of a three legged race.

Now, an interesting dynamic here was Daniel. He considered self sabotaging because he likes Shea. And Shea wasn’t even worried. I also enjoyed the running commentary with Jerry and Rebecca here.

Dillon and Sydney would end up winning. Second would be Mike and Emily. Although it didn’t look like Jordan threw the challenge, which gave Kendra something to think about. A fun scene with the guys followed.

The scene with the ladies was not as fun, with Shea telling Bri to “look for other” connections. Bri was not backing down, setting up high drama for the rest of the ep. And Bri would call out Daniel on it. Credit to her. Daniel would apologize.

Sydney and Dillon would have their Captain’s Table moment, and they are two beautiful and boring people. Marty and Suzanna would also get closer (who would cheat on her?), so did Dustin and Bri as they prepared back up plans.

Emily and Marty tried to rebuild but it all came crashing down again. It was like watching a divorce hearing on the Love Boat. Wow.

Before a chat with Matt and Ezra (its better when they have actual stuff to do instead of just talking) it was time for Dillon and Sydney’s date. Props to producers for another good looking segment. The show has been a living travel brochure for Princess cruises and all of the ports. The two would hit it off and Mike (who was embracing the Thor vibe with a lightning bolt necklace) and Emily would have another great outing with a kit-ten. Both the men and the women, would have a final chat before the sail away ceremony but no one seemed to be budging.

Finally it was time to say good bye to some guests…At the ceremony, whoever wasn’t paired up at the end would remain at the port.

Dillon would choose Sydney. And Sydney would accept. Leaving Dustin alone.

Bri challenged Daniel to be honest with Shea about the erection hug. Daniel was defiant. So, Bri self eliminated herself. Great twist. This decision also fights back against a complaint from dating show viewers that guests are only there to get famous and stay on at any cost.

Suzanna would pick Marty. And Marty would accept, putting to death another OG couple and rewarding bad behavior. Heck of a heel turn here. Wow.

But it wasn’t over. The two started rationalizing and arguing as the eliminations were still taking place.

It was academic after this. Mike picked Emily. Setting up more drama with the two exes staying on the same ship.

Happy to see Jordan and Kendra stay together. The unlikeliest of couples have endured, and Kendra has been the cast leader this season. Things were a little uncertain between Shea and Daniel. But they are still standing.

And I’ll be damned, if Dustin, who I could have cared less for the entire show, almost made me tear up when saying good bye and being left at the port alone (almost wish Bri would have picked him). If there was going to be a spin off to this show, he’d be on it. Carry on, King.

We’re heading to Sicily next, meaning two FTR shows will be there next week, and it looks like things are going to get really “greasy”.

Great show. Can’t wait for next week.

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