July 23, 2024

Quantum Leap: What’s Working. What’s Not.

Quantum Leap is currently on a winter hiatus in the middle of its pivotal and plot heavy first season (thanks NBC), but despite the disservice the network is giving it, the show has a lot to like and also a few things not to like. The fact that I’m a die hard fan of the original, who came in kicking and screaming should be considered. If it were a dud, I would have leaped channels a few episodes back.

Let’s take a look at what’s working and what’s not.

What’s working:

Ben and Addison: The nucleus is strong. Raymond Lee and Catlin Bassett have been pretty good. I care about these characters, and their love for each other makes me hope that they can figure this out and get Ben home. They’re not Sam and Al. But they’re strong.

The Leaps: Loved the World Series leap. Enjoyed the Exorcism. The bounty hunter show was also fun. The stories are working here.

Faithfulness to the original: I like the tie-ins. They had to honor the original show and have done a good job with that. Watch me freak out if they can get Scott Bakula back here…. Watch me.

What’s not working:

Every other member of the team besides Magic: Besides the legendary Ernie Hudson, I could care less about the rest of this team. Too much screen time that just feels like filler. I would rather be fully immersed in the leap.

Too much amnesia: Ben struggling to collect his memories is being used as a device to punt on plotlines. And the deck is already stacked against Ben as it is. This soap opera style writing isn’t needed.

Treatment by the network: It’s opposite of Monday Night Football and right when the story found its stride, they put it on hiatus. Let’s go NBC. Don’t let this beloved mythology fail without a fight.

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