Ghosts: “Does Possum have pen pal?”

We had another great episode of Ghosts this week, but if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know a group of trapped spirits opening an impromptu speak easy to ward off a liquor license inspector is something we don’t see very often, and its creativity like that which fuels my love for the program.

Two horse powered:

But we also have to talk about the founding fathers and Issac. I love these flashbacks and considering Issac’s position in the revolution, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them. Benjamin Franklin was kind of a jerk by not inviting Issac to the Freemasons meeting but it was good TV.

Sam and Jay are bad business people:

The question which closed the show made me stop and think for a moment. And the truth is that Sam and Jay might not be good at their job. Think about the way they’ve reacted to the challenges they’ve faced. The whole tree fiasco. The mishandling of the documentary. And now this. Loving these characters and acknowledging that they make bad decisions are not mutually exclusive.

And Sam hasn’t watched Shawkshank Redemption. I don’t know, man.

Alberta’s murder:
It looks like that is our big arc for this season. And I’m here for it because the show has done such a good job with her flashbacks.

But I will ask this question. Does solving Alberta’s murder mean saying goodbye to the character? She could get “sucked off” and I’m not sure the audience remembers that.

Anywho, great show, and a we got face time with all of our ghosts this week which was fun. I like how they all just pop in and out.

See you next time.

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