Tulsa King: “You learn to dread what should be happy times”

Boy. Those last three minutes were something. Weren’t they?

But let’s start at the beginning.

This week on Tulsa King, we got to see Dwight return to the Big Apple to attend his brother Joe’s funeral. This meant traversing the complicated relationships involving his “family” and his actual family. Including his daughter, Tina.

Real fast, great to see Anabella Sciorra here playing Dwight’s sister.

But at the big meal, Dwight doesn’t have much luck making peace with his daughter after asking why her husband, Emory, didn’t ask him for her hand while he was in the joint. Things are much better at the hospital where Boss Pete isn’t doing well, foreshadowing it’s only a matter of time before Chickie is running things. After another scuffle with Nico, we see Dwight make a second attempt to make amends with his daughter.

Back in Tulsa, things aren’t much better with Black Macadam retaliating for the festival beat down. They hire some corrupt cops to bring in Tyson, Bodhi is abducted, and Armand is (kinda) threatened at the stable. They’re all eventually restored but the battle lines are most definitely drawn.

After a quick check-in with Stacy, Dwight tries again with Tina, and things go better. But we start spiraling again when we learn that Nico assaulted Tina while he was in the joint. Dwight loses it, goes to the hospital, threatens the boss, and then eventually loses it, crushing Nico’s face with Bobby Darin playing over the speakers. Did he kill him? Probably, but they never make it clear.

Good episode. “The General” now has to fight a war on two fronts with Black Macadam amping up their turf war in Oklahoma, while “The Family” has to decide what to do with Dwight after possibly killing a mob leader. At least, that’s what the teaser tells us.

Congratulations for Tulsa King for renewal. It’s a fine show. I already can’t wait until next week. See you then!

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  1. It truly is a great show! I love it!

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