SNL: Steve Martin, Martin Short and Brandi Carlilse fly as expected

Telling you Steve Martin and Martin Short did a good job hosting Saturday Night Live is like telling you LeBron James is good at basketball. The duo is always going to be able to get it done on SNL. Last night was no different.

The Christmas block out cold open was solid. Cecily Strong had a really good show, we’ll talk about her more later.

Our monologue was probably my favorite part of the entire night with the two older actors reading out each other’s eulogy. We knew we needed to see Selena Gomez and she made her first appearance at the end, giving us our “Only Murders in the Building” huddle that we all wanted for Christmas.

The PBS science room skit is always a winner with Cecily and Mikey Day aggravating our legendary comedic duo. Please Don’t Destroy remains undefeated with their video that featured the wonderful Sarah Sherman’s real dad.

Getting our Father of the Bride 8 skit with Martin and Short reviving their roles was terrific and we got Gomez again as the wedding entertainment. Yes, I forgot Kieran Culkin was in this movie and he’s great on SNL, seeing him here was a real surprise.

Not everything was a winner. The train skit was a little too groovy for me. There was the ultra gory Christmas Carol short just missed. And Cecily Strong had to save that Minky skit during the final minute.

Weekend Update had it’s first miss of the season. Jost and Che have come a long way over the last couple of seasons but nothing really landed last night. Too many Britney Griner jokes.

Both Brandi Carlile performances were excellent. Her voice was powerful and the Christmas set was just gorgeous. A really enjoyable time.

An overall enjoyable weekend at SNL. But it would have been surprising if it wasn’t. Steve and Martin still got it and they always will.

Next week gives us Austin Butler from the FTR approved Elvis movie, and Lizzo who will be stepping in for the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, who are ill.

See you then!

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