The White Lotus: Daphne accepting infidelity saved Harper and Ethan’s marriage

Some of you guys saw it. I did not. And I’m not going to pretend like I did now.

But The White Lotus was just a normal vacation for Daphne.

We were all high off of the toxicity being pumped into our eyes. We had Harper using that toxicity to poison the thoughts of her own husband, who would rather watch pornography than touch her, and ended up getting drunk and kissing a person she hated just to get a rise out of her man, pushing him to the edge of sanity in the process.

And Ethan sopped up every measure of it, visualizing his wife bleeping his best friend as he slept next to her. Then starting a fight in the middle of the sea with Cameron, blind with rage, forgetting that just days before he watched him do drugs and fool around with prostitutes.

Meanwhile Daphne just wanted to stay in an old house and get a massage.

This is because as you know, she was also a cheater. We know those aren’t Cameron’s kids.

What we don’t know is what happened on that walk with Ethan. They may have hooked up. They also may have talked and used each other’s pain to cope. They also may have just gone on a walk. Maybe all three. White Lotus showrunners don’t elaborate in the finale’s autopsy.

But she seemed to be in control the entire time. That’s why that last night at dinner was so surreal. This was normal to them.

When we look back at the beginning of the season and listen to how judgmental Harper was about this other couple she was still right about almost everything.

But herself, as well as most of us, were wrong on the ways and reasons people choose to live their lives.

Daphne already knew everything and had made peace with it before they even checked into the resort.

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