July 24, 2024

The White Lotus: Sadly, Tanya deserves most of the blame for her own death

As we sift through the ashes of the season finale of The White Lotus, we also mourn the death of what we thought would be our franchise heroine. Tanya McQouid.

But she was too stupid to survive.

I know. I know. We all loved Tanya. We’ll never forget that sea burial from season one, and it seems like she had come a long way. We love Jennifer Coolidge and the way she plays the character.

But she fell for Greg. Because she wasn’t smart enough to see through him.

She didn’t speak up when she saw Quentin and Jack together. Because she couldn’t believe a scheme was in play. (And that’s not the queen of Palermo, lady).

And she didn’t use a damn ladder to get off of the yacht. Because she’s Tanya.

The same reasons we loved her were the same reasons that got her killed.

When you think about it, Tanya was really that nice either. Whether it was social ineptitude or just being wealthy beyond the reach of reality, she was an insensitive at every turn.

Portia deserves the blame for some of that “ish” too. She’s no fool. She should have figured out this was a babysitting job long before Sicily. Real assistants have to parent their clients sometimes. She couldn’t see through Jack’s nonsense. She’s lucky to still be alive.

The White Lotus showrunners wanted Tanya to have some retribution. She got it. She offed almost everybody on that boat. She certainly looked like she was going out like a hero.

And then she went out like Tanya.

And while those same showrunners admit that the plan could probably still get tracked back to Greg, we don’t know that for sure.

It just would have been easier if she would have seen this coming. And now she’s gone.

The White Lotus gives you what you deserve. Nothing more. Nothing less. We all learned that the hard way with Tanya.

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