The White Lotus: The Di Grasso men and their achilles you-know-what, taught them necessary lessons

You know, it’s funny. The voyage of Burt, Dom, and Albie Di Grasso, seemed like the most realistic angle of this now wrapped season of The White Lotus.

After having a nightmare of a family reunion with “the banshees” and getting played by a prostitute for 50 thousand euros, they jumped on the plane both as winners and losers.

All because of their Achilles (male genitalia). Or in more tasteful terms. Their weakness for the ladies.

We had three generations of the same family both experiencing and realizing the losses their fake affections and lust had brought them.

Burt needed his son to remind him that he was a cheater. And he accepted that this sexual flaw had worked its way through his bloodline and could be awakened with a simple hug from a piano player.

Dom chose to give his son a “karmatic payment” to a prostitute that he had also slept with for just the chance that his son could try and salvage his marriage. We knew that this haunted him and he yearned to undo mistakes that he’ll probably make again.

Then dear Albie accepted that Lucia had left him the moment he heard that door shut after giving her the money. He wasn’t completely lost. He understood that it was likely going to happen and at least he got Portia’s number.

But somehow, there was peace as all three men boarded the plane back to Los Angeles. Even acceptance as all three glanced at an attractive woman that passed them in line.

We get the feeling they could be okay. We also get the feeling they might make the same slate of mistakes all over again.

That’s what made their journey and its conclusion an interesting one.

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