June 23, 2024

WWE: Biggest winner from a Vince McMahon comeback would be Tony Kahn

Vince McMahon is considering a comeback to WWE. And we have to take this buzz seriously. It came from a real media organization in The Wall Street Journal, and not the internet wrestling community which routinely just makes things up (story HERE).

I can tell you one person who would love a Vince return. AEW boss, Tony Kahn.

This is because WWE under the Triple H regime has become a much better product than it has in recent years. The new regime has a true understanding of what the wrestling community really wants. This isn’t just because Triple H himself is one of the greatest in the industry.

Its because he just listens.

And its made AEW step up their own game as well. They’ve had to go in a different direction because of the WWE resurgence, by switching its focus to more home grown stars.

Vince McMahon, with all due respect to the industry he’s grown into a media giant, stopped listening years ago. This degraded the in-ring product to unwatchable levels. McMahon has also been an enemy to wrestling talent for a years now and believes he’s dropping “dead weight” with every mass layoff that becomes a reality under his direction.

Really, I can’t think of a bigger setback the company could experience creatively right now than to let Vince McMahon take control again.

And one return announcement from McMahon would shift all of the momentum back to Tony Kahn. Talent that may have been considering a return to WWE would immediately have to reassess. It would be a mess.

Vince should do the company he grew a favor, and take up golf instead.

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