The Real Love Boat: “I want to put my oil in your oil”

We’re back on the pentultimate episode of the Real Love Boat, and we’re pulling into Sicily, but not after more mop up from last week’s sail away ceremony mess.

Shea has tough questions for Daniel after Bri eliminated herself and… Uh oh, Daniel called her “mentally weak”. Yikes. In the confessional she defended herself but she took it easy on him during the discussion. He would walk it back a short time later but awfully late in the season for a heel turn from an OG guest like Daniel.

And in Captain Paolo’s hometown, Mike was happy that he could grow with Emily with no negativity in the background, but in the background we still had her ex Marty continuing to punch above his weight with his Emily rebound in Suzanna. I don’t see any real chemistry there.

And it’s our favorite time. Jerry and Rebecca time. And we learn that there are no new singles coming in. This is it. And the top two winning couples will determine which of the bottom three couples to save. For the latest challenge, the couples had to harvest olives and cover themselves in olive oil, and use the oil from their bodies to fill the bottles.

Kendra and Jordan had the early lead (their first time in the entire season). Mike brought up a good point that Marty would likely send them home if he won (and likely vice versa). But he had his Thor hair to carry a lot of the oil into the bottle.

And it would lead himself and Emily to victory in the challenge propelling them into the final episode. Then Shea and Daniel would ensure an OG couple would also make the final show.

Suzanna had no illusions. “She hates you” she told Marty regarding Emily’s power to send them home. And Jordan and Kendra were also at risk after being together so long.

The winning couples discussed who to send home and they acknowledged that Dillon and Sydney were strong competition. But Emily brought up a good point that if they wanted to actually win the game, they would save Marty and Suzanna, who were just keeping up appearances getting together so late in the game.

Real fast. The whole show looks great. But ace wardrobe choices this week for the Sail Away ceremony. Everybody was looking like a movie star.

But it was time to send some of them home. Each of the couples got to make their case on why they should stay.

Dillon and Sydney mentioned that Kendra and Jordan had already been saved and that they had room to grow.

Marty said he wanted to grow with Suzanna and urged competitiveness when making a decision.

Kendra and Jordan admitted they hadn’t won a competition but said his mom would be happy that he got the best prize in Kendra and wanted to fulfill his pledge to make the final show.

Then we had deliberations. And the group would save…

Kendra and Jordan, ensuring that 5 out of the 6 final competitors were tenured guests.

And Dillon was “pissed” adding some real to reality television.

Marty apologized to Emily. And took the high road on the way out with a tearful confessional. Good form here.

The teaser for the finale looks great. And we’ve got some plot lines.

Will Dan and Shea Lynn go coast to coast?

Will Kendra and Jordan’s personal growth take them to victory? (And how would that play after being save twice?).

Will my original pick, Emily from Wisconsin take the win with olive oil Thor?

We’ll find out next week for the finale. I can’t wait.

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