Young Dwanta: “It doesn’t matter what the gift is!”

Young Rock was back tonight with it’s Christmas episode. And while Christmas episodes have always been something of an easy story detour for filler, Young Rock is now two for two with them, featuring all of our Deweys in a sweetly streamlined show.

After all, Dwanta says Christmas is about the 3 Gs. Gathering, giving, and getting loose on egg nog.

Youngest Dewey learned that a painted coconut could be his mother’s favorite gift. And he managed to get his Skeletor, while a Christmas miracle replaced the slippers he ruined for his mother earlier on.

Younger Dewey teamed with his mom to find a gift for a snobby cleaning client, while Rocky would lose out on an ATV by giving out autographs.

Finally, Dewey brought us to good ole’ Mick Foley’s Christmas party where he also got Mick a coconut. And a trip to the Bahamas. But Mick didn’t seem very happy. This led to a great sequence with the Undertaker turning down a swap before Triple H traded him for a robe.

And Mick had a thumbtack statue of Tori Amos. But the lesson was that giving was the most fun. This led to an awesome Christmas skit with Dewey as The Grinch volunteering for children.

Awesome Christmas television. And great to have Dwayne Johnson narrating the entire thing.

Don’t forget to leave out some tequila for Dwanta!

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