July 24, 2024

Tulsa King: “This land belongs to you and me”

While many shows are taking a Christmas break off, Tulsa King is kicking it’s story into high gear with new episodes, including an interesting new installment today.

We learned that Roxy from the stable, who was questioning Armand last week, is actually an informant for ATF and Black MacAdam, she ends up tipping off Stacy’s partner about Dwight, following a check in.

Back in New York after Dwight’s rattling visit, Pete and Chickie discuss his future. As long as he keeps sending in envelopes of money, the boss is fine but Chickie is going to betray his dad eventually. We know this. It’s predictable but we’re still dreading it. That says something about the show. They end up sending Goodie down to Tulsa to check things out for the family.

Poor Bodhi can’t catch a break. He’s raided by the FBI. And out of nowhere, we get a showdown between Dwight and Waltrip. Dwight decides to back away from selling the laughing gas but not before convincing Waltrip that he is a threat. More on this later.

We get a neat sidestory involving the waitress at Dwight’s coffee house, played by his real life daughter, Scarlet Stallone, and the white horse, Pilot. Dwight ends up taking both of them to Dana Delaney’s ranch. I’m happy to see Delaney back on the show and teased for future appearances. She’s that good.

But despite the short feel good moment, Chickie attacks Tina’s husband, Emory, and breaking his arm.

Back in Tulsa we learn that Dwight was able to save Bodhi’s money, but a short time later, Waltrip sends a goon to try and take out his new nemesis. Dwight is able to take him down, but not before realizing that he is still very much heading to war with the dangerous biker gang.

We know what is coming. Pete will die. Chickie will declare war on Dwight and possibly even join Waltrip in doing so.

The show is still excellent. The question now is if we’ll get a new episode of Tulsa King for Christmas?

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