July 24, 2024

Fleishman is in Trouble: Getting dumped by everyone

“There are no real villains in life. Not really. There are no real heroes either. Everyone is great, and everyone is terrible, and everyone is flawed and there are no exceptions to that”

We knew there was another side to this story. But few could determine that the descent into illness that we saw Rachel Fleishman take in this week’s episode would be as heartbreaking as this one.

It would be Libby that would be the vehicle we would take to finally understand what would cause this brilliant women to leave her children and a seemingly perfect existence.

It wasn’t perfect at all. Not to her.

We realize that Rachel had been dumped by everyone, and in her struggle to “speak sophistication” without an accent, and coping with a complicated labor that is even more infuriating to witness a second time around.

She got lost. Lost in her marriage. Lost at work. Lost in everything.

There were times in this series when we thought Rachel had it all and the smarts to compliment it. But this was brought on by a longing to override this impostor syndrome that had dominated her life.

I wasn’t sure if it was the “You think you just sit there and friends come to you?” line or the “I don’t even have time to get a divorce” jab, but she was struggling in her existence the entire time.

And as soon as Sam Rothberg discovered something was wrong, he ditched her. If you’re looking for a villain in this story, its him. The man who cheats on his family and aids in the destruction of another life.

Observing Rachel slowly lose her mind in the empty apartment was a sad discovery. We’d seen Toby imagine what had happened. And when you watch her actually unravel, you’re torn because his version of what actually happened might have been better than what actually occurred to this person we were all conflicted about.

This show continues to break my heart every week.

And we’ve seen Claire Danes break before in “Homeland” but that character was highly capable terrorist spy hunter. We’ve never seen this kind of vulnerability from her before. Just give her the Emmy already.

Have a very happy holiday weekend and I’ll see you next week.

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