July 24, 2024

NFL move from Direct TV to Youtube TV could be a challenge for venues

So, it looks like the NFL Sunday Ticket is making the jump from Direct TV to Youtube TV according to various sources on Thursday morning.

Good if your an individual viewer. Potentially challenging if you’re a venue like a bar, club, restaurant or other place.

For the individual, you probably use YouTube everyday. The platform is digestible across the generations. I’ve watched toddlers figure out how to play Sesame Street clips and I’ve watched “I Love Lucy” reruns with seniors. There is a lot of promise there.

But if I’m a venue manager, I’m rubbing my forehead.

This means I might have to switch services, or worse, subscribe and pay for both services, and then I have to learn how to use the add on, then I have to train my bartenders and service staff to use it.

And then when week 1 rolls around next year, if there are any problems, then I’ve got a bar of Bloody Mary fueled, mid afternoon football fans that are angry that I can’t get the game on.

Its reason for worry.

Before, you just switched to the channel guide and flipped to the game.

Now what we’ll have to do? Find the Youtube app on our TVs? We’ll we be allowed to show all of the different games at once? Then they’ll be times when there will be college games and MLB playoff games on as well. We might need multiple services.

It could be a mess. It could be fine. Its early, we can’t say for sure.

The issue that should worry Direct TV is if these large venues find independence away from their product. They could hemorrhage subscribers.

It will be exciting to see how it all plays out and goodness. If YouTube TV fumbles the launch….?

Watch out.

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