July 24, 2024

Minx: Cancellation is unfortunate but warranted

Minx has been cancelled at HBO. This after getting renewed back in the spring.

Normally, I’ll call foul at networks reversing renewal decisions, but I’ll argue that Minx had it coming and escaped death the first time.

The truth is that the show, which featured two winners in Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond starting an adult magazine for women, got off to a strong start, but a few episodes in, it just became really unfunny and a chore to watch.

It’s like there was a laughter faucet and someone just decided to abruptly turn it off. Joyce was cool for a few shows then just became uninteresting. The rest of the cast didn’t contribute anything, and the show sagged whenever Johnson wasn’t on screen.

They tried adding some extra angles and even dabbled in the actual function of a magazine back in the day, but sadly it all just rolled to a slow stop. I quit blogging about the show, and its very likely that “Minx” will be on my “worst” list for the year.

HBO just gets it wrong from time to time. Don’t get me started on “Our Flag Means Death”, which had to be saved from the guillotine by a passionate fan base. That show deserved to be axed and now Taika Waititi has to spend even more time on a rare miss of his.

I don’t think Minx will get the same reprieve.

Instead, let’s hope that Johnson gets a proper vehicle. The dude is a likable star and Lovibond is good too.

It’s just that Minx wasn’t it. I can’t wait to see what HBO brings out next.

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