Tulsa King: Solid episode ruined by bad streaming experience

Normally, I don’t tend to touch on the actual experience of operating the streaming services, but when it takes me two hours to watch a one hour show on Paramount Plus, I get frustrated.

And when I actually enjoy the program, like Tulsa King, I just get downright mad.

But that’s what happened this weekend when this episode turned into a glitch fest that had to be restarted several times. What’s going on here?

Still, the show must go on and we caught up with Dwight teaching his gang to shoot after being targeted by Waltrip and Black MacAdam. This was a fun scene that finally gave us a chance to get a back story about Grace. A good start to the episode.

We also had Stacy versus Waltrip in an entertaining showdown. I thought Stacy was being brushed aside for a bigger name and character with Peggy but the turn here was well done. I like this tougher look on Andrea Savage.

There was also still the looming danger in New York, with Chickie saying out in the open that he plans to eliminate Dwight after the death of his father. I like “The General” fighting a two front war and digging where this is going despite the angle being telegraphed all season.

We had a nicely acted moment between Tyson and his dad, and got to meet Peggy’s ex in a pointed moment with Dwight. I continue to love Dana Delaney here.

Waltrip tried to use his crooked cops to take out Dwight but failed, and we also had a pretty intense moment with Armand and his wife. I like how writers are taking the time to show how much of a toll Dwight is taking on his team. He’s done damage here.

The final moments of the episode with Stacy getting shot by Waltrip was unexpected but tense. Give me the finale right now. I’m ready. This has been great.

But goodness, Paramount Plus, get your service fixed.

Did any of you experience problems streaming this episode. Let me know in the comments below.

See you next week.

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