July 24, 2024

National Treasure Edge of History: Thank goodness they brought in an “OG”

“Thank *bleeping* goodness. They brought in an OG”

That’s what I actually said out loud when I sat down to tune into my television penance, for the week in National Treasure Edge of History. A show that continues to be so bad that I’m worried Catherine Zeta Jones will suffer a back injury carrying this horrible core cast, in this terribly written program.

But we did indeed get Riley Pool played by Justin Bartha in this episode has the FBI and treasure hunting world came together at the Sandusky funeral.

Before then, we had more terrible banter with Jess and her friends. The acting here is so bad and the dialog gives me a headache and nausea. It’s a Disney Plus concussion. This show.

We also had a look at Zeta Jones’ Billie Pearce being confronted by her board and then being ambushed by a rival. We did get a decent fight before she ultimately came out on top. That was all the CZJ we were allotted this week.

At the funeral, we did get some of the Riley Pool we enjoyed from the movies but his energy was constantly being interrupted by this terrible Scooby Gang. They were so inept that they couldn’t even rescue Jess and Riley when they got caught in the Sandusky clue room and almost suffocated. This crew is worthless in every way.

After it was all done, we had another piece of the puzzle unveiled but I couldn’t care less. And then Jess and Liam decided to have their first kiss.

At a funeral.

And them more people started kissing.

A full make out session at place where people are supposed be mourning, complete with a blaring cacophony of music that I guess was supposed to make this all feel epic. It did not.

We got a tease that Liam could be working for Billie. But I don’t care about that either.

This is one of the worst television shows out there right now. I actually wish they would have just thrown the entire budget at Justin Bartha and Catherine Zeta Jones and left the rest of this group out of it. It’s that bad.

Let me go pour bleach into my eyes and then flush them with water to prepare for next week.

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