The Worst of TV in 2022: National Treasure, The Endgame, and more duds that ruined television this year

If you read my stuff, you’ll realize that I’m actually not a tough critic. But the worst thing you can do is to produce television so bad, that it actually frustrates me and creates a chore in digesting your material through my eyeballs and into my brain.

These shows did just that over the past year.

Here are the worst television shows of 2022:

National Treasure Edge of History: This show is currently in the middle of its first season run and its so bad that I want to douse my eyes with bleach. The core cast is awful and Catherine Zeta Jones is a prisoner, who’s stuck playing a Carmen San Diego bootleg of a character.

East New York: There is a good-bad CBS drama (Fire Country) and then there is just bad television on CBS. That is East New York. Despite the charismatic Amanda Warren playing the lead, the show insists on stupid lessons, including the rewarding of bad behavior for the mistreating police officers.

Alaska Daily: How do you mess up Hilary Swank? You send her to Alaska with a bad group of actors in an overly preachy, and often boring procedural, that makes reporters sound like extortionists. I’m still watching this one and hoping they can dig this one out of the dirt.

Moon Knight: This was one of my favorite comic book characters growing up. So, needless to say I was disappointed when Disney gave us this dud that seemed completely removed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and stole my enthusiasm for the character with an egotistical Oscar Issac overacting the title role(s), and Ethan Hawke phoning it in.

The Endgame: NBC pushed all of its chips to the center of the table with this big budget bank heist caper that seemed to rip off Die Hard with a Vengance. The talented Morena Baccarin deserves better.

The worst part is that we know some of these shows will survive. With so much great content out there, it’s inconceivable to watch this kind of bad television become so expensive.

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