Tulsa King: Action packed finale ends with a measured “Cliffhanger”

Real fast. How about the title of this post? If you know, you know.

Let’s talk about the season 1 finale of the already renewed Tulsa King because it was terrific, with some storylines coming to an end and others opening up.

We had that 1997 flashback that showed us what exactly landed Dwight in jail for a quarter of the century. He refused to let one of Chickie’s botched torture victims suffer in a fire and put him out of his misery.

Let me get my one complaint out of the way. The CGI behind the fire and the Waltrip execution were poorly done. This isn’t a special effects series but we need improvement here.

We return to present day with Stacy recovering from Waltrip’s assassination attempt and Dwight having his little moments with Tyson, Armand, and the others before confronting Chickie and telling him to get the hell out of Tulsa. We can be confident Chickie will be back next season but I liked this show of strength from Dwight.

The team still needed to draw Waltrip out of hiding, which led to Bodhi hacking into his fortune and stealing it all. Yes, that was a great shoutout to “Silicon Valley” and Martin Starr’s work on that show. It was a good laugh.

And the hack worked. Waltrip brought his gang to Dwight’s bar and with “In The Air Tonight” playing in the background, we had a knockdown gun fight that was reminiscent of Stallone’s epic career. This is what we came here for. Dwight would kill Waltrip mercilessly and we’d get a time jump to 3 months in the future, where Dwight’s family was in Tulsa and everything was looking like it was going to get tied up in a bow.

It did not get tied in a bow.

Instead, we had Stacy turning over Dwight to the ATF and the season ending with our protagonist getting hauled away in the back of a police car.

I’m already ready for season 2. Tulsa King has been a success and we’ll all be waiting for this series to return. Hopefully sooner than later.

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