July 24, 2024

Young Rock: Here is why many fans were thrown off by how Sting looked

Young Rock was back from winter break this week, with youngest Dewey getting caught in the middle of the Hawaiian wrestling turf war between his parents and his grandmother.

Of course, the episode was solid, with Dwayne Johnson sharing time with Gegligum Prime Minister Angela Honig (Dawn Lewis from NBC hit Different World from back in the day) and the coffee trade deal making some progress despite the politics playing in the background.

The show actually had the great idea of bringing in former NWA and eventual WCW superstars like Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes.

But many fans weren’t happy with how Sting (not the musician) was presented.

This was because of one of two reasons.

They forgot about the first iteration of Sting: Sting didn’t always look like Sting. His first look, which is often referred to as “Surfer Sting” featured a blond Mohawk-like hair style and brighter face paint. Many would tell you that this Sting actually had the better matches with the likes of Ric Flair and The Great Muta. This was all before the version of Sting which resembled “The Crow”, the legendary action movie starring Brandon Lee, who was taken from us all to soon like his father, Bruce.

They simply didn’t like the actor casted: The actor seemed fine to me. But there are some viewers that didn’t think he pulled off Surfer Sting well enough. It happens. We love this business so much sometimes we get a little to strict with out standards.

Still, the show was great. I love the work this cast is doing and I can’t wait till next week.

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