July 15, 2024

CFP Championship: Georgia beat TCU so badly, Alabama started trending

If you tuned in for the College National Championship Game between the University of Georgia and Texas Christian University, you were probably in for a short night.

The Bulldogs dominated the Horned Frogs in a contest that was never really close. In fact it was a brutal football beat down of the highest order, that will give some advocates for the non college football blue bloods some pause the next time they believe a superpower shouldn’t be in the championship.

It got so bad that “Bama” or the University of Alabama, started trending during the game on Twitter, falling just short of the CFP hashtag itself.

Let’s go the reax…

THIS IS WHY SABAN IS LAUGHING BECAUSE HE KNOWS THEY ARE THE ONLY TEAM THAT COULD HAVE BEATEN GEORGIA. And CFB PLAYOFF COMMITTEE GOT IT BAD WRONG , just because they are tired of BAMA being in playoffs WAFJ by TCU in the first half 😂 pic.twitter.com/8jzHIQ5t2a

— CHIEF RUNNING BEAR🥋 (@William28796229) January 10, 2023

Left Bama out the playoffs for this bull shit. Y’all wanted Bama out so bad and got this trash championship game.

— CROCKPOT🤴🏾 (@eric_crocker) January 10, 2023

Man what is this on tv right now 😂 they put bama out for this !

— Raekwon Davis (@Raekwondavis_99) January 10, 2023

Bama fans taking pictures of everybody that wanted this shxt instead of seeing Alabama in the playoff again: pic.twitter.com/IPFTQAsh1V

— TC. (@GoatLatia) January 10, 2023

Hate to say it, but in old days, Coalition/Alliance/BCS days, voters would have Bama ahead of TCU, there’d be outrage at old guard snobbery …. then we’d have a terrific game tonight.

Instead, all were forced to say TCU was more deserving.

And we get this.

— Frank Frangie (@Frank_Frangie) January 10, 2023

Yep. Tell me again how Bama and even Tennessee didn’t belong in a playoff… And don’t even root for those 2 teams! https://t.co/XYscWtnonC

— Rob Bradley (@Rob_Bradley) January 10, 2023

It really sucks that Bama couldn’t stop a two point conversion in overtime otherwise this would definitely be a better game. #NationalChampionship

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) January 10, 2023

Bama fans watching TCU get blown out by Georgia pic.twitter.com/dd7n9PMPdx

— hat fetishist (@throneofhats) January 10, 2023

So The CFB Committee Thought TCU Was More Aggressive Than Bama.#BAMAFAN pic.twitter.com/wlKVD9tAYw

— Apostle P A Browder (@ApostleBrowder) January 10, 2023

This why they put Bama in the playoffs every year. Schemes and all that is cool but at the end of the day, NCAA football is about who has the best athletes.

— Peak Work Archie (@JoshHarris25) January 10, 2023

Watching this mauling happen knowing Bama could’ve done something about it pic.twitter.com/6nVuxDBq5Y

— Hub. (@HubisMe) January 10, 2023

All I see is people saying “ Bama shouldn’t have lost twice” yet they don’t deny that Bama would’ve been a better choice over the other teams https://t.co/ygb65WgyyH

— Rick Ochoa (@RickOchoa22) January 10, 2023

What do you think? Should Alabama have been in the College Football Playoff? Let me know in the comments below.

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