July 24, 2024

Alert MPU: Leaving the theater before the credits ran

Alert: Missing Persons Unit is still on the right track and we’ll get into that in a second. But real quick.

Can we give it up for Dania Ramirez’s stuntperson? This individual has single-handedly lifted the first two episodes of this series with some fun chase scenes. Great action here.

And then we also have to acknowledge the props department for possibly inventing the most creative weapon in TV so far in this young year with a bag of frozen french fries, and a ridiculously big gun being used by the grieving mother who held Hugo hostage this week.

Let’s talk about this episode “Hugo”. The brutal cold opening with the baseball bat and gruesome torture scene of the wrong person, who was so bloodied that face recognition wouldn’t even work because he was so banged up.

Jason and Nikki continue being the backbone on the early run of this series. Dania and Scott Caan have excellent chemistry, I enjoyed the exchange in the car. And while I still believe the the supporting cast has some ways to go, there was progress here with Kemi, C, and Mike. We’ll get there.

That conversation in the elevator was terrific. And wonderfully shot, the tight space created this feeling of amusing claustrophobia with Jason being trapped between two lovers, with his replacement also occupying the same space while the motility of his semen was being discussed.

Unique experiences. That’s what TV needs. And we got it here.

We know that Keith’s abductor is an older woman, who enjoys her whiskey. And Sidney’s text message towards the end of the show illustrates that he might not only be an impostor, but that she could be harboring a secret over what really happened as well.

Good TV here. I’ll see you next time!

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